Paul Coleman  Paintings 1976-1991

Late Paintings

The penultimate series was the Bird Paintings (1990-1991). These were medium to large-sized paintings, most of which had a bird somewhere in the composition. They were on canvas and continued the expressionistic brushwork that I had picked up in the Atomic Bobs. As I recall, I was interested in escaping the limits imposed by working with the character figures. Bob, for instance, didn’t even have arms--so any kind of ongoing action was out of the question. And so, I tried working with nature themes. The Bird Paintings were a blend of figuration and abstraction; the working idea was that Nature creates a peculiar and active sort of allure.

Paintings from the last year of 1991 were small, dark, and influenced by the first Iraq war. I suppose they might more properly be labeled Experimentals, as each one is a leap and a near-miss to the next branch. Yet I think that they share a certain attitude so they can all be lumped together as the Late Paintings.

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